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Persian Rug Cleaning Manchester

Persian Rug Cleaning Manchester If you want your home to reflect the old world charm and luxury of yesteryear, look no further than Persian rugs. Painstakingly made with the highest quality materials and high in value, a Persian rug is a piece of art. A piece like this must be regularly cleaned and well maintained to keep its value intact. You ...

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Rug Cleaning Didsbury

Rug Cleaning Didsbury Rugs, in comparison to carpets are made with thicker and heavier fibres. Thus, they require highly specialized treatment and cleaning methods. The cleaner should have proper knowledge of fibre cleaning, assessment of stains and appropriate cleaning supplies to get the job done. Luckily, you can outsource the job to rug ...

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Rug Cleaning Manchester

Rug Cleaning Manchester When it comes to rug cleaning in Manchester, don’t settle for anything less than a professional service. It can be tempting to save costs by just using a vacuum cleaner, but this will only keep dirt away for a few hours. With constant inflow and outflow of people, your rugs will go back to square one in no time. Why ...

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Rug Cleaning Bury

Rug Cleaning Bury Do you ever get tempted to buy new rugs every time your old ones get dirty? Do you regret the money you've spent on replacements when you could have spent it on something else? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, our Rug Cleaning experts are here to save your day! (And your money.) Our rug cleaning service, ...

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7 Steps to Cleaning and Fine Oriental Rug

You didn’t invest in that Fine Oriental Rug just to walk on it. You wanted to enjoy its beauty and watch it grow in value, even as it served you. Unfortunately, because it’s on the floor, and probably is placed in the most conspicuous of places, it’s going to get walked on. And, as hard as you try to protect it, it will get spilled on as ...

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How To Get Dye Out Of A Woolen Rug

Question from A Customer How do I get dye from a pair of jeans out of my woolen rug? I had a woollen machine made rug (beige/cream) cleaned by your company in August this year (Job Number 11328). That is not the problem though. Two days ago some blue dye from a pair of dry jeans has been transferred onto the rug (ie. someone sat down on the ...

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