Chinese Rugs

The making of Chinese rugs dates back as far as the third century B.C,

Mass production didn’t really start until the late nineteenth century.

From 1920- 1940 the firms that dominated the export were firm such like Nichols & Fette-Li

The production of rugs in China was majorly disrupted in 1937 when the Japanese invaded parts of China blocking the port of Shanghai.

China began to rebuild their export of rugs in the early part of the 1960’s but it took almost 10 years for the now loved Chinese Rug to become popular.

Most rugs that we see in our rug cleaning plant date between 1920- 1940 and after 1970 due to the invasion by the Japanese.

 Here is a fine example of a Fette-le cira 1920 that sold at auction

chinese rugs

the making of chinese rugs



After 1920 the thickness of the Chinese rug was thinner and the main colours was Ivory and Navy Blue


Art Deco Chinese Rugs

The rugs in this time was somewhat beautiful but very simple again only using 2 colours

art deco chinese rug


Modern Chinese Rugs

The modern day Chinese Rugs tend to have a thick pile with sculpted designs some of the manufacturers now apply an Antique finish to the fringes to give them the old style colouring, these rugs tend to have open backs

floral patterned Chinese Rug


Cleaning of Chinese Rugs

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