Persian Rug Cleaning Manchester

Persian Rug Cleaning Manchester

If you want your home to reflect the old world charm and luxury of yesteryear, look no further than Persian rugs. Painstakingly made with the highest quality materials and high in value, a Persian rug is a piece of art. A piece like this must be regularly cleaned and well maintained to keep its value intact. You can enlist the help of Rug Cleaning Experts in Manchester to clean your carpets at regular intervals to fully showcase the stunning beauty of your Persian Rugs.

How we clean a Persian Rug:

Cleaning a Persian rug is an extremely detailed process that involves years of experience and knowledge of fibres. A typical rug cleaning begins with a consultation where the rug cleaning experts will assess your carpets and the condition it is in. They will recommend various repairs or restoration treatments if needed and outline a cleaning plan for you. They will then vacuum the rug with a specialized rug beating machine that will eliminate layers of built up dust. Stains and spots are then tackled by using specialized cleaning products that gently remove stains.

The next step is the washing of the rug. Once all stains have been removed and the rug dusted, the real washing begins. Various washing powders, detergents and cleaning solutions are applied to the rug that make it look brand new. They also help in maintaining the lustre of the fabric without making it look tired and faded.


The rugs take a few hours to dry and can usually be used within 24 hours of the cleaning. The Rug Cleaning Experts use highly specialized products that are quick drying and do not leave behind unpleasant smells. In order to keep your rugs in the best condition, it is recommended that your get your rug professionally cleaned at regular intervals. This will help extend the life of your rug and make it look as good as new through the years.

Rug Cleaning Process

You can watch this video below, which highlights our rug cleaning process:

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