handmade Rug

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning 7 Steps to Cleaning Fine Oriental Rug You didn’t invest in that Fine Oriental Rug just to walk on it. You wanted to enjoy its beauty and watch it grow in value, even as it served you. Unfortunately, because it’s on the floor, and probably is placed in the most conspicuous of places, it’s going to get walked on. And, ...

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Hand Made Rug Or Machine Made Rug

Is It a Hand Made or Machine Made Rug? Rugs have been made by hand since almost the beginning of time. One day the ground got a little too hard and he or she took a few hairs from an animal skin and knotted them together to make life a little more comfy. Before they knew it they were knitting together not only animal hair but grasses and reeds ...

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