Rug Cleaning Bury

Rug Cleaning Bury Do you ever get tempted to buy new rugs every time your old ones get dirty? Do you regret the money you've spent on replacements when you could have spent it on something else? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, our Rug Cleaning experts are here to save your day! (And your money.) Our rug cleaning service, ...

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Moroccan Rugs

Morocco is a Muslim country in Northeast Africa on the Atlantic & Mediterranean coasts. The population is a mix of Arabs and Berbers, while Berbers make up the majority of the population. Rugs of Morocco Rugs have been produced in Morocco for many centuries, but the ones that are brought to us for cleaning tend to be made after 1960. ...

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Rugs From Ethiopia

Rugs From Ethiopia I thought I would share these lovely rugs I picked up today for cleaning. My customer purchased them from a small village in the North of Ethiopia called Axum Traditionally these rugs would be handmade by blind people to support their families in this case because of the detail you would guess that these wouldnt have ...

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Fringe Rot

What is fringe rot The Fringe is the weakest part of the rug. Over a period of time, all fringes become worn from foot traffic, pets , vacuum cleaners and off the shelf products. Chemical washing of rugs accelerates the deterioration of cotton fringes becoming broken and loose. Prevention Of Fringe Rot In my experience fringe rot is ...

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