Rug Stain Guard

red wine rug cleaningRug Stain Guard

It’s always a pleasure to see how Clean and Bright your rugs look following a professional clean by . And it’s good to know that when we apply our brilliant protective treatment “Repel” at the same time, they will stay looking just as good – for longer!  By providing your carpets with extra protection from dry soiling and accidental spillages, “Repel” can actually extend the life of your rugs too!

How does “Repel” work?

Once applied to a new, or newly cleaned, rug “Repel” protective treatment works by forming a shield around each and every fibre.  This shield increases the surface tension of the fibres, which helps prevent soiling and stains being ground into – and absorbed by – the rug.  Liquids spilled onto the “Repel” protected rug will not immediately soak into the fibres, like they would on an uprotected rug.  Instead, freshly spilled liquids will “puddle” on top of the carpet, giving you time to dash for the kitchen roll to blot the spill away!

How does “Repel”help?

As less dry soiling bonds to the rug, it is picked up by your vacuum during cleaning. This is important for the maintenance of your rugs as dry soiling, once bonded to your rug fibres, acts likes sandpaper breaking down the yarns.  Once this happens there is no way to bring them back to their original condition. Rugs protected with “Repel” stay looking beautiful for longer!

How long will a treatment of “Repel” last?

This will really depend on how much wear your rugs get and how regularly you vacuum them.  Vacuuming your rugs regularly with an upright vacuum cleaner that also has a “beater bar” is excellent for keeping your rugs well groomed, but this, together with regular foot traffic will, over time, remove a significant amount of the stain gaurd and lower its effectiveness.  The full effects of a “Repel” application to your rugs– depending on the factors just mentioned – will last, on average, for twelve to eighteen months.

Do I need “Stain Guard ” protective treatment on MY rugs?

To help you decide, ask yourself the following questions …

  • Am I a tea, coffee or red wine drinker?
  • Have I or my family ever spilled anything on the rugs?
  • Have visitors ever spilled anything on my rugs
  • Is my rug in a high traffic area?
  • Do I need my rugs to stay looking good for longer?
  • Do I want to help extend the life of my rugs?

How safe is “Stain Guard”?

As you would expect from a company that cleans with the safe and non-toxic solution  our rug stain guard  is safe and non-toxic too. It dries quickly and leaves no odour. Safe around children, your family and pets.


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