Fringe Rot

What is fringe rot

The Fringe is the weakest part of the rug.

Over a period of time, all fringes become worn from foot traffic, pets , vacuum cleaners and off the shelf products.

Chemical washing of rugs accelerates the deterioration of cotton fringes becoming broken and loose.

fringe rot

Prevention Of Fringe Rot

In my experience fringe rot is going to happen to all rugs prevention will only slow the process down.

Here are a couple of tips to help

  • fold your rug fringes under the body of the rug
  • do not vacuum the fringes
  • dont use off the shelf products to clean the fringes
  • be careful when mopping round your rugs not to come into contact with the rug
  • rinse any products used on the fringes

If in doubt call the professionals

Ask The Experts

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