Rug Cleaning

Five Ways to Approach Spring Cleaning

Five Ways to Approach Spring Cleaning It’s finally springtime! Bright coloured flowers are in bloom, sunny days and the fragrance of a new beginning wafting in the air. But with the arrival of spring comes the dreaded task of spring cleaning. Performing a 360 degree cleaning of your home can be a daunting task, so here are ten ways you can ...

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Rug Cleaning Bury

Rug Cleaning Bury Do you ever get tempted to buy new rugs every time your old ones get dirty? Do you regret the money you've spent on replacements when you could have spent it on something else? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, our Rug Cleaning experts are here to save your day! (And your money.) Our rug cleaning service, ...

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7 Steps to Cleaning and Fine Oriental Rug

You didn’t invest in that Fine Oriental Rug just to walk on it. You wanted to enjoy its beauty and watch it grow in value, even as it served you. Unfortunately, because it’s on the floor, and probably is placed in the most conspicuous of places, it’s going to get walked on. And, as hard as you try to protect it, it will get spilled on as ...

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Dust from rug cleaning

We have just received this lovely rug in from the Cheshire that requires professional Rug Cleaning   Its was vacumed first using a hepa vacuum cleaner and then with our Rug Badger, see picture below of how much dried dirt and dust came out in the Rug Badger process Rug Dusting Video Clip     If you would ...

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Rugs From Ethiopia

Rugs From Ethiopia I thought I would share these lovely rugs I picked up today for cleaning. My customer purchased them from a small village in the North of Ethiopia called Axum Traditionally these rugs would be handmade by blind people to support their families in this case because of the detail you would guess that these wouldnt have ...

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How to fold an Oriental Rug

How to fold an Oriental Rug Here is a step by step guide for how to fold an Oriental Rug This a very useful if you need to store your Oriental Rug, Send it by post to us or just want to learn how to fold an Oriental Rug Lye the rug out flat fold the first third of the rug fold the first  third fold the next third fold ...

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New Area’s we cover for Rug Cleaning

We are trying to roll our rug cleaning services out to the full of the UK as quickly and as efficiently as possible but we need to make sure its working great in the areas we have already rolled it out to.   New Area's Here is a list of the ...

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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning   Colin the Sheep here here just though I would share a couple of pictures of an area rug that has been cleaned in our rug spa The rug has been vacuumed rug badger pit cleaned rinsed dried packed and returned   For Further information on our Rug Cleaning service click here  Online ...

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