Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Colin the Sheep here, just thought I would share a couple of pictures of an area rug that has been cleaned in our rug spa recently with the Rug Cleaning Experts and their Area Rug Cleaning services.

area rug before cleaning

rug half cleaned

During the clean of this rug we used our expert rug cleaning process by firstly, vacuuming the rug. We then rug badger the rug removing years of dust. We then pit cleaned and rinsed the rug. Lastly, we allow the rug to dry and return the rug packed all professionally cleaned for their delighted owner.

During our rug cleaning process our aim is to ensure your rugs are given the expert treatment which is why we have designed our cleaning process, your rugs will go through a thorougher detox which will rejuvenate and restore their original beauty. Also we don’t just take the dirt from the surface, we remove every last bit of soil from the entire rug, both sides.

The rug has been:

  • vacuumed
  • rug badger
  • pit cleaned
  • rinsed
  • dried
  • packed and returned

For Further information on our Rug Cleaning service click here or if you have any questions ring us on 0800 526 997 to find out more.

Cleaning Process

You can watch our expert rug cleaning process with the below clip.

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