Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

7 Steps to Cleaning Fine Oriental Rug

You didn’t invest in that Fine Oriental Rug just to walk on it. You wanted to enjoy its beauty and watch it grow in value, even as it served you. Unfortunately, because it’s on the floor, and probably is placed in the most conspicuous of places, it’s going to get walked on. And, as hard as you try to protect it, it will get spilt on as well. Even if you use it as wall hanging it’s going to pick up dirt, and the colour will slowly be hidden under any kind of soiling.

But you don’t have to worry, there is a way to protect your investment, and bring it back to its original beauty. There is a way to properly clean fine oriental rugs, and Rug Spa is the best at doing just that.

Here’s how they can bring your rug back to life:

1. Identifying

Your rug is firstly measured, and tested for colour fastness. Then it will be inspected for any pre existing issues such as pile reversal, pet urine issues, and general damage. A report is made, photograph taken and attached to the client file.

2. Dusting

The rug will be “dusted” using the “ Rug Badger”, a machine that gently beats the back of the rug which allows all the dry soil to fall out where all abrasive grit (which prematurely ages rugs), hair and any non water soluble soil is removed. The rug is vacuumed and is now ready for the cleaning process to begin.

3. Immersive cleaning

The washing process can now begin by firstly placing the rug in to the wash pit. The pit will be filled with water and a “rug roller” is used to squeegee the water through the rug. The rug is then thoroughly washed on both sides with a specially designed Oriental rug shampoo, and once again the “rug roller” is used to ensure that the shampoo passes right the way through the rug. Any fringes will be cleaned and detailed by hand.

4. Rapid moisture removal

The rug is then rinsed and placed in to our “Rug Revolution” which is a large centrifugal spinning machine that spins dries the rug so that all the excess water is pulled out of the rug leaving it as dry as possible (similar to a spin cycle on a washing machine). Rapid moisture removal is essential to eliminate the risk of colours bleeding into each other.

5. Rug Grooming

The rug is then groomed and pile set to its original position, (which is always running down to the bottom of the rug) and placed in our specially designed drying room. It will be left in there over night to dry, sometimes longer for very thick or shag pile rugs.

6. Detailing

The rug will then be closely inspected for any spots/stains which will be treated including any extra fringe detailing. Any additional treatments will then usually be applied at this point and then will once again return to the drying room for the final time.

7. Finishing Touches

We will then vacuum the rug to remove any fine fibres that may have shed and groom the rug one last time before it is wrapped. We use recycled brown wrapping paper to wrap the rug as it is a breathable wrap should the rug need to be stored for any period of time.

Cost of Cleaning Oriental Rugs

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