Hand Made Rug Or Machine Made Rug

Rug CleaningIs It a Hand Made or Machine Made Rug?

Rugs have been made by hand since almost the beginning of time. One day the ground got a little too hard and he or she took a few hairs from an animal skin and knotted them together to make life a little more comfy. Before they knew it they were knitting together not only animal hair but grasses and reeds too. Here is the Rug Cleaning Experts guide to ‘Hand Made Rug Or Machine Made Rug’.

Others liked what they saw and felt well enough to make their own, and then got others to make ground covers for them. Soon the artist stepped in and figured out how to put patterns and pictures into the weave. The industry grew as the weaver’s industriousness grew. For hundreds of years making carpets was done much the same, with loom improvements slowly being advanced.

And then it all came crashing down in in the early 17th century when  weaving industries began to figure out ways to manufacture rugs more quickly, and without the artisan, In 1839 Erastus Bigelow introduced the power loom for weaving carpets rug world was forever changed.

In today’s world machine made rugs are the norm, and handmade rugs are the luxury. As a luxury they cost more, and are often imitated by machine manufacturers.

Here’s how to tell the difference between the hand and the machine made rug

  1. What’s in the nap? Polypropolene, polyolefin, or a blend of synthetic polymers and wool, means it’s been made by a machine made rug.
  2. Where was it made? If it was made as a “Belgium Oriental,” or it was made in Belgium, Italy, or western Europe, its machine made rug.
  3. If the tag looks like this, its machine made.

machine made rug label


machine made rug

Look at the fringe if the fringe is sewn over, it is machine made.

If binding or serging is used again it is machine made.




handmade oriental rugIf the fringe seems to be an extension of the rug, it’s made by hand and If you cannot see the machine stitch tracks on the back, its hand made.





Look at the knots on the back

As you can see here the handmade rug has much larger knots than the tightly pack knots on the machine made rug also the handmade rug has some imperfections where the machine made rug has none.   

Always look for more pronounced detail in the design of a rug on the back. The better the detail,  the better the quality.

More knots mean more durability, and if its hand made that means more time and care was used to make it.


handmade rug backmachine made rug back


handmade rug frontmachine made rug front

Cleaning Handmade Rugs

Can my handmade rug be cleaned?

The answer is simple yes.

Call our office on 0800 389 8218 or email hello@rugcleaningexperts.co.uk and we will arrange to pick up your handmade rug clean it using our seven stage process and return it to you wrapped in breathable paper

Cleaning Machine Made Rugs

Can my machine rug be cleaned?

Well I guess you know the answer already YES

Click the button below for a quote and arranging pick up of your rug

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Buying quality in a rug matters most to whom it matters most. Most people buy a machine made rug to walk on, so the quality means little to them.  However, there is a great market out there for the buyer who is investing in the artistry and craftsmanship of a fine piece of hand made rugs , not just a floor covering. The difference is not only in the make and quality of a rug, but could also mean hundreds of pounds difference in the cost, as well.

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